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Builders in Bacup

Cowboy Bacup Builders

We’re not the regular cowboy builders, we take the time to listen to our customer’s needs and ensure that they are met or exceeded. We believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. We all here of cowboy builders out there and we will give you a few tips we have learned of and studied to avoid dealing with theses cowboy builders ever again.

  1. If a builder says he can start tomorrow the chances are he has no other work to do. Don’t get us wrong there are dry patches in the building trade but as we see it good tradespeople are always busy and have their regular customers to satisfy too.
  2. Cowboy builders do have an infuriating habit of treating you like a child. They will try to get technical with everything and taunt you on things you may not understand. Don’t fall into this trap. Get clear explanations of what is happening and the work done.
  3. Bacup builders may knock on your door from time to time but a lot of the time when this happens, builders alliance would suggest asking for details, thanking them politely and perhaps if you find the problem give them a call if need be.
  4. A true reputable Bacup builder will have a landline, only a cowboy will give you a mobile number meaning they aren’t traceable if something goes wrong so make sure they have one.
  5.  A good Bacup builder will always offer a receipt for there work which implies you have proof if something goes wrong.

Whether our clients from Bacup are thinking of building a new project, converting part of their property for another use or extending an existing property we have the right skill set and knowledge as Bacup builders to help. We at Builders Alliance maintain a strong belief in good workmanship and an attitude of a job well done. We ensure excellence in the standard of all works undertaken on behalf of our clients, by delivering high-quality jobs and paying attention to detail.


When Builders Alliance take on your project and serve as builders in Bacup we put our heart and soul into delivering exactly what you want. All types of building work, from smaller projects to large scale construction, can be undertaken for you. We have an exemplary track record on the quality of previous work we've carried out. Offering you a highly professional service at a competitive price to all home and business owners in the Bacup area. Our aim is to provide an honest service and be affordable whilst maintaining a very high level of quality finishing that wows our customers and inspires all their friends and family to use us too!


As well as getting the job finished to a high standard, we also understand that any building work can cause major inconvenience to daily life. We do everything we can to minimize this distress. We work in a tidy and organized manner to prevent too much mess. We also ensure that the work area is fully cleaned before we leave. All waste will be taken by us and disposed of properly.


Everything about our service is handled with great care and expertise and we ensure we get all the necessary input from our customers from the start. We do like to avoid any alterations to the project to ensure it can be done on time and within budget. Our friendly Bacup builders, however, require any input you wish to give and will take everything you say into account.


Our 10 years’ experience has given our team some insight into what customers truly want from the Bacup builders and that’s what we want to deliver. If you are looking for builders in Bacup we provide upfront no obligation advice and will always try to quote as accurately as possible before the work commences.


We take pride in every single job that we do and love to see the finished project. The prices we charge are very competitive and we also offer extremely good value for money. We work in association with reputable subcontractors and even though we are a new start company ourselves, the contractors we use to carry out the task set, have over 10 years experience and are fully qualified in their trade. There is such a diverse range of construction projects we can help with that there is simply too much to write about! The best thing to do is contact us and let us have a look at your project.

Anyway, to move on here are some….


Fun Facts about Bacup


Natural History Society and Museum. -Bacup is home to the Museum of Naturally history Society and Museum and was established in 1878, It houses a collection of over 4000 photographs of Bacup and Stackstead (the nearby area).


Animal Quakers. – This a family park/petting zoo with great views of the valleys and very friendly staff. There are a range of different animals to see with the family and is hosted to be a great day out.  


Bacup Royal Court Theatre. – Built as an iron foundry originally, but as time passed become unused and derelict so Mr. John Walters had the vision of turning the very building into a Variety theatre and opened again to do its first show in 1893. It has had a number of names in its history but is now named the Royal Court Theatre.


The Britannia Coconut Dancers. –Coming from the old Minors who lived in the village who were respected and much loved from the locals of Bacup and Rossendale is the Nutters. Their Dances and appearance was what set off the tradition in Bacup and is now a town Festival.

Bacup Builders Safety Standards


Our Bacup builders understand their responsibilities for safety, respect for the environment and excellence through the build. We always try to create the best possible working environment and foster continuous training and development with a strong emphasis on health and safety. Safety is a must in our office and on the field and every project needs to be carried out with great care and with the workforce trained in all the key areas. Understanding risks as Bacup builders gives us an insight on how to complete a job with no mishaps or accidents.


So if you’re looking for a reputable Bacup builder with a solid background and an even better skill set, then give Builders Alliance a call and we will be happy to discuss any queries you have about the project and offer a no-obligation appointment to come view the job at hand and give an unbeatable quote by any other professional. Like we mentioned watch out for cowboy builders who give silly quotes to get the job and go with a firm who you can trust...