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Builders in Chorley

Builders in Chorley

Whether our clients from Chorley are thinking of changing a part of their property for another use or extending their home, we possess the right ability and expertise as Chorley builders to help. We at Builders Alliance sustain a strong belief in excellent quality and an attitude of a job well done. We warrant excellence in the standard of all activities undertaken on behalf of our clients by fulfilling high-quality jobs and paying attention to detail.
When Builders Alliance work on your project and serve as builders in Chorley, we put our essence and intellect into addressing precisely what you want. All varieties of building work, from smaller projects to the larger-scale building, can be offered to you. We have an exemplary track record on the quality of past work we've carried out. We are offering you a highly professional service at a competing price to all home and business owners in the Chorley area. We aim to present an honest service and be affordable while sustaining a very high level of quality finishing that wows our clients and motivates all their friends and family to use us too!
As well as getting the job finished to a high standard, we also recognise that any building work can create significant inconvenience to daily life. We do everything we can to reduce this distress. We operate in a tidy and orderly manner to limit too much mess. We also guarantee that the work area is thoroughly cleaned before we leave. All rubbish will be taken by us and disposed of correctly.
Everything about our service is managed with great thought and expertise we assure we get all the essential input from our customers from the start. We do like to evade any alterations to the design to ensure it can be done on time and within budget. Our helpful Chorley builders, however, we require any input you yearn to give and will regard everything you say.
Our ten years' involvement has provided our team with some insight into what consumers truly want from the builders in Chorley. And that's what we want to achieve if you are looking for builders in Chorley. We provide upfront with no-obligation advice and will always try to price as accurately as possible before the work begins.
We take satisfaction in every particular job that we do. The prices we require are very competing, and we also offer excellent value for money. We work in partnership with reputable subcontractors and even though we are a fresh company ourselves, the constructors we use to carry out the task set, have over ten years experience and are fully passed in their trade. There is such a diverse array of building projects we can assist with that there is only too much to write about! The most beneficial thing to do is contact us and let us have a survey of your project.

We’re not the usual cowboy builders; we take the liberty to listen to our customer’s demands and ensure that they are met or bettered. We think that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. We all hear of cowboy contractors out there, and we will give you a few suggestions we have learned of to avoid dealing with these cowboy builders ever over.

  1. If a contractor says, he can start tomorrow the odds are he has no other work to do. Don’t be mistaken there are quiet times in the construction trade, but as we view it, competent tradespeople are always working and have their regular customers to satisfy too.
  2. Cowboy builders do possess an infuriating habit of treating you like a kid. They will try to get technical with everything and mock you on things you may not know. Don’t fall into this pit. Get precise information on what is happening and the work done.
  3. Chorley builders may knock on your door from time to time, but a lot of the time when this happens, builders alliance would recommend asking for details, thanking them respectfully and perhaps if you find a problem give them a call if need be.
  4. A truly renowned Chorley builder will have a landline, just a cowboy will provide you with a mobile number, meaning they aren’t traceable if something goes wrong so make sure they have one.
  5.  A right Chorley contractor will always give a receipt for there job, which indicates you have evidence if something is wrong.

Chorley Builders Safety Standards

Our Chorley builders know their duties for safety, regard for the environment and worth through the build. We continually try to create the best possible working atmosphere and encourage continuous training and improvement with a strong emphasis on health and safety. Safety is a necessity in our office and on the field, and each project needs to be carried out with excellent care and with the workforce equipped in all the key areas. Knowing risks as Chorley builders give us an insight on how to achieve a job with no mishaps or accidents.

So if you’re looking for a reputable Chorley builder with a solid history and an even better skill set, then give Builders Alliance a call and we will be delighted to discuss any questions you have about the project and allow a no-obligation appointment to come view the task at hand and provide an unbeatable quote by any other expert.

Anyway, to move on here are some….


Fun Facts about Chorley


Astley Hall Museum and Art gallery- Astley Hall is a museum and art gallery housed in a Grade I listed historic house. The Hall is set within the stunning surroundings of Astley Park which comprise of historic woodland, a lake, a fully restored Victorian walled garden beside clean and modern amenities for visitors to experience.


Chorley Market - Chorley’s famous markets began back in 1948 with the most successful market day being a Tuesday. If you’re touring Chorley now you will see two principal markets; Chorley covered market, which delivers the heart of the town and serves five days a week and Chorley’s Tuesday market, which is found along the roads of Chorley town centre.

Hoghton Toweris an impressive Manor House that acted host to some of the most famous people in British history, including, it is stated, William Shakespeare. During one 17th century feast delivered in King James’ honour, the king was so influenced by his best loin of beef that he took his sword and knighted it ‘Sir Loin’ and the sirloin steak was devised.