Extension in Preston

Extension In Preston

The Builders Alliance team has recently completed a beautiful double extension in
Preston for one of our clients. The clients for this extension where a wonderful family to work with and required the extra space as they had recently had another addition to their family. Our team that worked on the extension in Preston where happy to do so and worked alongside the family’s routine to make the whole project run as smooth as possible and they did not disrupt any normal activities for the client (obviously to an extent).


Extensions in Preston are rapidly becoming more common and clients regularly ask us to work alongside an architect they chose to design their Extension. In this case, the client had already approached their own architect to design the Preston extension to their requirements and our builders Alliance team were happy to work in collaboration with them. The clients understood that by having an extension on their home they essentially added more value to the property. We aim as a company to complete our projects always on time and within budget so the client reaps the full benefit of value to their home.

Extension in Preston

Phase One of Preston Extension 

The builders Alliance team firstly prepared all the groundworks for the foundations on the extension, digging down till our team hit the solid ground ready for the concrete to be poured into the area. Before we proceeded to add any concrete we first had to lay all the wire mesh to strengthen the foundations and create a solid base for our Preston extension to be built on to.


Once the concrete foundations where set and solid, our team then had a very trusted local scaffolding firm to come in and to erect a structure around the foundation so our bricklayers could start to lay the first brick for this extension in Preston.

Phase Two of the Extension In Preston

Next, our company sourced the best materials for the job. Using a traditional red brick to match the existing property, to create the impression this extension in Preston was simply part of the property already. Red brick is a very common and popular choice of brick, so sourcing this material was pretty easy for the team. We then moved onto using solid concrete breeze block to create a cavity wall for the extension in Preston which our Preston Bricklayers completed very skilfully. With most of the structural work completed and with our team on track to our agreed completion date, we then began to bring the pre-manufactured trusses for the pitched roof which was required for this extension.


Phase Three of the Extension In Preston

Brought in from a local Joinery company the trusses were then lifted with a crane and erected into their positions. Once the trusses where in place it was then time for our skilled roofers to come in and start work on this extension in Preston. Our Roofers started to lay out the felt for the roof and fix the batons into place ready for the rosemary tiles to be fixed onto. This Phase of the extension in Preston was completed in a matter of a few days and as you can see be the pictures worked well with the existing roof.


All that was left was to board the inside and add all the services, which our team completed in a matter of a week, with first and second fix completed to an exceptional standard. Our clients were very happy with the results and have referred our services to their friends for further projects.