K-Rendering in Rawtenstall

K-Rendering in Rawtenstall

The Builders Alliance team recently completed a Rendering project in Rawtenstall by our time served skilled Rendering experts. This Finishing touch completely transformed the way our customers home looked as you can see from the pictures. The resulting conclusion is this gorgeous clean whitewashed surface you see. There are critical stages throughout the application process of Rendering a property which is explained in this Project case study.

Phase One of the K-rendering Project in Rawtenstall

First of all, the Rendering project has to be appropriately prepared so that the K-render application bonds properly and the project runs as smooth a possible. The walls were surveyed by an expert to make sure they were suitable for the k-render, with repairs made to structural defects and any movement stabilised so that the render finish is not likely to fail. Any new finish is only as good as the wall behind it.

Extension in Preston

Phase Two of the K-rendering Project in Rawtenstall

Next, we moved onto External details to be removed, such as Guttering and soil pipes and other external details. Any vents on the project were extended, along with the window sills too. Metal stop and angle beads were then applied around the window and door openings and corners to provide clean edges for the render. 

Phase Three of the K-rendering Project in Rawtenstall

Wall insulation was then applied in Sheet form. Ready for the Foundation Coat to be started. A fabric render mesh was then used over the insulation, implanted into the first base coat layer of render. This mesh serves as reinforcement against cracking. This is accompanied by one or two more thin coats of render, acting as a primer.

Phase Four of the K-rendering Project in Rawtenstall

Building up the render was then the next stage of the process. Various proprietary systems are built up of different layers, to create a solid foundation for the k-rendering Finish.

Final Phase of the K-rendering Project in Rawtenstall

The rendering finish for this project was a clean whitewashed k-rend as the picture shows, but our team do offer other choices to. Thin coat render systems are created to be self-coloured so that they don’t require painting. As well as a variety of colours, different finishes are also accessible, from very smooth to textured.

Finally, we reinstalled any external rainwater and soil pipes which were removed.