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Bespoke Gates in Lancashire

Add Security with Style with our bespoke security gates and fencing, I'm sure by now your well aware of where our countries security is heading. Unfortunately, our crime rate is the highest it has been for years with no signs of slowing down so we have teamed up with one of the best companies in the united kingdom to bring you a service which is like no other. These high spec security gates are modern and strong, meaning you can protect your home without it resembling a prison. 

Transform your driveway or garden with our exclusive variety of modern gates. This is my friends is the future of home security. Each panel or gates is tailor made to you and our team custom builds this specifically for you. As well as protecting your assets, having these stylish gates installed can bring a whole new look to your home and of course give you privacy from the outside world. 

By utilising our design service you can not only choose from a selection of our in-house designs, but we can also create a design to your own specifications allowing you the freedom to be truly creative.

We use one of the world’s most trusted gate hardware products for locks and latches, which are made to last. Using rust-free high tech engineering polymers and stainless steel components, we offer a range of locks and latches to suit many different needs which are all key lockable, adding to that all important security to your home and for your family.

All gate frames and fencing posts are made from robust metal box section. All gate and fence panels are made from strong zintec steel plate which is laser profiled to a design of your choice. Both gates and fencing are zinc treated before painting. This gives all products outstanding protection from the elements which makes them very low maintenance and long lasting. Truly secure and robust.

Each lockable gate is manufactured and painted right here in Lancashire by a team of experts who only supply the best. We believe that working with this company is a great benefit and will help our potential clients protect themselves and their families for many moons to come. A new stylish addition for your home or business, which will ensure you stand out from the crowd. With our Metal products you have a variety of choices in designs, colours and ferrous or non-ferrous materials.

With every panel gate and fence designed and cut to the millimetre, this fresh look will finish off any home with an eye-pleasing curb appeal. We have installed all over the north-west with several different clients, each more pleased than the last so forget about the old style wrought iron gates you see on old churches and contemporary homes if you want to stand out give us a call.

Benefits of getting Bespoke Security Gates

High-grade security
This is one of the key reasons why people decide to have security gates installed. Any intruders that want to enter your property will be faced with a daunting physical barrier, which can obstruct and deter straightaway. As a result, you can be sure that your most prized possessions will remain preserved no matter what.

Raise value
Just like many other household purchases, a set of security gates can increase the value of your home significantly. Even if you don't intend to sell up and leave in the near future, it still makes sense from a financial aspect.

Improve Image
Our Bespoke security gates will with no doubt improve the overall curb appeal of your home which in turn can be a great addition to your exterior look. This is bound to grab the neighbours and passers-by too.

Enhance safety
With a set of bespoke security gates, there is no need to worry about kids or pets getting injured when playing outside. Children will often run into the road without giving it a second thought and could get involved in a collision, while dogs and cats tend to chase after other animals.

Greater convenience
Thanks to the in-built motors and wireless technology of fully automated electric gates, you don’t need to get out of your car to open them when returning home. What’s more, there is no danger of forgetting to lock them when leaving either.

Cheaper insurance
Seeing as bespoke security gates can increase the security of home, your insurance firm may be able to offer you a discount or lower premiums. This is another reason why security gates are such a cost-effective purchase.

Added privacy
For homeowners that prize their privacy, the presence of bespoke security gates can prevent any nosey bystanders from trying to sneak a look into your home.

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