A beautiful garden for all the family

As a homeowner, you may dread the burden of weeding, pruning or mowing the lawn as well as your other household maintenance tasks. This is where Builders Alliance can help make your garden ready for the summer. Our tradesmen are skilled in maintenance, fitting new decking or patios and much more. The landscapers we use are very skilled in their profession and depend on your satisfaction with the job to be complete. At very competitive prices and the aim to complete a task before we begin another you can rest assured that your garden will get our full attention and expertise. 

Landscapers in Lancashire

Gardening Services we can offer

Turfing: Having a new lawn can really transform your garden and give it that fresh new look it deserves, our landscapers have laid many lawns in their many years in the trade, so if you're after a beautifully finished landscape give us a call.

Wood Decking: Our time served joiners will fit beautiful garden decking with attention to detail and measurements. We are seeing more and more that decking is becoming very popular among our clients, with this in mind we use the best quality products and best tradesmen for the job.


Artificial Grass: Artificial grass is in popular demand these days, with its many benefits of being maintenance free, allergic free and better for children to play on. You can see why more and more clients are choosing this product.

Resin pathways: Using only professionals who have done this trade for as long as 12 years, a resin pathway or driveway is increasing way to decorate your pathway with that extra kerb appeal. With this low maintenance and guaranteed product, Lancashire residents are moving more to use this decorative finish to finish their garden.

Garden Maintenance: Maintaining your garden when you already have a busy lifestyle can just feel like another added chore. Why not let builders Alliance take on that burden for you so you can just enjoy your time outside with the family without the worry and hard work of keeping it up to spec.

Gates and Fencing: Why not have a bespoke gate and fence design constructed from metal sheets. These panels will have a beautifully cut design to your specification and are very modern and sustainable. Find out more on our Gates and fencing page to see what's on offer.

Rubbish Removals: If you have any unwanted trash in your back garden, Builders Alliance uses a licensed company to remove any rubbish and dispose of it properly. At very competitive prices we can be sure you are getting an unbeatable local price. 

Planting: Our landscapers will install any plants our client's desire and can design and include a wide variety of plants to choose from, if we are instructed and the local garden centres have them in stock. Gardening is enjoyable but digging a hole for a large plant to fit in can be a task so why not leave it to our landscapers to do the hard work  

If you would like some information on how we can assist you with your Landscaping options then send us a message at the bottom of the page or feel free to give us a call to book a no obligation quote.

Benefits of Using our Landscapers

Heightens Your Property’s Appeal
Your landscape plays a huge role in how your homes overall look. When you use trained landscaping service, your lawn seems neater, your trees stay healthier and your yard stays smart. This expert help keeps your place or business looking attractive. This benefit can prove particularly significant if your property must comply with the visual standards of property management.
Improves Care Quality
High-quality landscaping services require a lot of specific equipment and materials. When you work with an expert, you receive access to these tools without having to invest in them yourself. For example, an expert has more precise mowing tools and proven types of fertiliser.
This expertise enables you to be daring with your garden choices without concern. Many landscaping firms have the ability to care for delicate plants that you otherwise would not be able to grow.

Offers Cost-Effective Solutions
When you hire a landscape and lawn care expert, you’re paying for her or his knowledge as well as his or her trade. These professionals have the experience and training to accommodate you with a maintenance plan that helps your plants thrive. With the help of a trained expert, you budget regular visits rather than continuously putting cash into your landscape for actions that may not work.
Protects Your Landscape
Unless you have experience in gardening, you may not always know that you’re practising the best steps to maintain your landscape. In fact, many homeowners overwater, aerate badly or prune their trees too close. These little errors can have a big impact on your landscape’s beauty and health.
An expert landscaper knows the perfect balance of traditional services, such as aeration and pruning, that assures the growth of your plants.

Saves Time for You
Running a house or business demands a lot of work. Seldom, you don’t have the opportunity or the energy to get out and push a mower, even if you know the lawn requires it. When you work with an expert, you don’t have to spare time that you dedicate to other needs to keep your yard appealing.
As a business owner, choosing a professional also determines that you don’t have to select outdoor tasks to one of your employees, thus cutting his or her time.

Other Services our clients consider when having a New Garden


The bathroom is the room in the house where you can relax after a long day, so why not let us fit a bathroom you actually love. Our experience over the years is the customers know exactly what they what, but even if you don’t we have an extensive range to choose from, via our suppliers or instead, you could buy the suite yourself and have builders Alliance fit it, the choice is up to you.


We are very experienced when it comes to fitting new kitchens for our clients. As Blackburn builders, we have installed a range of different kitchens from luxury to modern and we deal with the whole process from start to finish. There are many different options to choose from, and we can even just give your kitchen a quick makeover, why not take a look at what’s on offer on our Kitchens page.

This is a popular option for homeowners at the moment to spruce up their exterior, with many people taking on the option. Our renderers have an impressive work ethic and have k-rendered for many different clients up and down the country. Take a quick look at our portfolio and feel free to give us a call. 


A leak in the roof can cause some serious damage to your home if not dealt with straight away. As Lancashire builders we can help solve any problem, our roofing team can help fit a new dormer, skylight or even re-tile your roof if needed. A new roof can make a big difference to your homes initial look. Give Builders Alliance a call today to speak to one of our advisors and book an appointment




If a new look to your business is what your after or your home is due an upgrade then our Lancashire builders can help. With many successful projects under our belt, we can help create the style you want. We have created bespoke modern designs for our clients and would very much like to add yours to our portfolio. Talk to us today and see how we can help make your vision a reality.