Office Refurbishments

Office Refurbishments

Giving your Staff a Better Place to Work

Lancashire Office Refurbishments 

There are various reasons why a company will consider refurbishing their current workplace; an expiry or lease break may be approaching, space may not have had any attention in some time, or they may be developing as a business and need to make better use of their area.

The office has developed to a point where it is now seen as an asset that can be effective in attracting and preserving the very best talent, the lifeblood of a business and as a consequence, more and more companies are investing in building workplaces that staff desire to work in. Builders Alliance is here to make it all happen swiftly, efficiently and without any inconvenience to you. So we administer with all the contractors, regulations and suppliers, so you don’t have to. Furthermore, we will be working alongside your preferred contractors if you request.

More importantly, when you work with Builders Alliance, you can trust that your project will be achieved on time and budget. We too believe that you will enjoy the whole experience as there will be plenty of smiles along the way – executing a stress-free project for your team and you.

As we are the principal contractor for each project, we are the one point of contact, so we are pro-active to any modifications in your plan. We manage your project, including sourcing all the labour and materials, from the start right through to the finished result and it’s essential to us that your refurbishment and office fit out is precisely what the client has asked for.

Our method statement intends that we can keep you up-to-date every phase of your project with any changes in your design and we can work outside regular hours when asked. Contact us by email at the bottom of this page or call or phone number to speak to someone directly. we hope to hear from you and keep reading for a budget-friendly solution below.

Benefits of Getting Your Office Renovated

Improves Productivity

From updated colour schemes, lighting to an overall feeling of freshness in the office, an office remodelling can do a lot to affect your employees’ morale. It will also provide them with the impression that you value them enough to invest in an environment that is favourable for them to thrive in. Your workers will in turn automatically feel motivated to work better, harder.

Attracts new customers

There is without a doubt that your office is the face of your business and the state of your workspace can imply how successful your business is. A remodelling will lend a new lease of life to your office. Plus, it makes for great first impressions, telling your prospects that your company is doing well. This can go a great way in assisting potential clients or customers to put trust in your brand and want to do business with you.

Formulates more room

When you refurbish, you’re likely to alter the arrangement of your space. This means you can create more space to suit your expanding workforce more easily by simply taking down walls and adjusting the size of other spaces like storage, corridors, etc. A change in the selection of furniture can also propose more room for better traffic flow.

Ideal for Rebranding

Remodellings and rebrands go hand in hand. Why? Because you’re changing the direction you want people to think about your brand, you’ll likewise want the theme to extend in other aspects of your company, like your workplace, for example. Besides, a rebrand without a renovation can also run the chance of failing to match up to the expectations of possible clients and in turn, deny any of the positive effects of the rebrand.

Promotes health and safety

An office space that has remained used for a while is prone to overall wear and tear with the occurrence of damage to fixtures, etc that may pose a health and safety hazard to your workers. A renovation will do great to take care of all these dilemmas, in turn, helping decrease workplace accidents.

Encourages creativity and employee communication

Your renovation can help design a layout plan that encourages free-flowing employee interaction. In doing so, teamwork and creativity will receive an impetus and your company, in turn, is more possible to prosper.

Other Services that we offer to domestic clients alongside commercial projects


The bathroom is the room in the house where you can relax after a long day, so why not let us fit a bathroom you actually love. Our experience over the years is the customers know exactly what they what, but even if you don’t we have an extensive range to choose from, via our suppliers or instead, you could buy the suite yourself and have builders Alliance fit it, the choice is up to you.


We are very experienced when it comes to fitting new kitchens for our clients. As Blackburn builders, we have installed a range of different kitchens from luxury to modern and we deal with the whole process from start to finish. There are many different options to choose from, and we can even just give your kitchen a quick makeover, why not take a look at what’s on offer on our Kitchens page.

This is a popular option for homeowners at the moment to spruce up their exterior, with many people taking on the option. Our renderers have an impressive work ethic and have k-rendered for many different clients up and down the country. Take a quick look at our portfolio and feel free to give us a call. 


A leak in the roof can cause some serious damage to your home if not dealt with straight away. As Lancashire builders we can help solve any problem, our roofing team can help fit a new dormer, skylight or even re-tile your roof if needed. A new roof can make a big difference to your homes initial look. Give Builders Alliance a call today to speak to one of our advisors and book an appointment




If a new look to your business is what your after or your home is due an upgrade then our Lancashire builders can help. With many successful projects under our belt, we can help create the style you want. We have created bespoke modern designs for our clients and would very much like to add yours to our portfolio. Talk to us today and see how we can help make your vision a reality.