A Smooth Finish For Your Home

Rendering Services in Lancashire

Rendering has become more and more popular to Lancashire homeowners over the years, and builders Alliance have now been given a chance to offer this service. Thin coat renders finishes have been adopted throughout Europe since their introduction in the 1950s. The UK, in particular, has witnessed a significant rise in popularity, as we see installers and end clients recognising the benefits of a contemporary, yet durable finish. Rendering services in Lancashire have seen a growth from this and builder’s alliance are now using skilled and qualified tradesmen for the installs. Our renderers have at least ten years’ experience in their trade and have work on many sites across the north for some well-established companies. Now teaming up with builder’s alliance we can offer a first-class rendering service with a top-quality product.

The best rendering product on the market we use Wetherby’s versatile Thin Coat Render Systems that are ready in endless texture and colour choices enabling specifiers flexibility while delivering a clean, vapour permeable and modern façade. Presenting you with confidence that we use a product that can meet any budget, design criteria and UK weather pressure. Wetherby Thin Coat Render Systems do not contain cement, and both the primer and finish are produced and tinted using similar technology as paint, unlike monocouche finishes, which include cement. The addition of acrylic polymers, silicone, UV stable pigments, silicone binders, high-quality biocides, and mineral aggregate to our thin coat render systems give the flexibility not just to create the desired texture but heighten performance and enhance colour consistency throughout the final finish. Wetherby’s thin coat render systems can be applied to a wide array of insulation materials including Enhanced and Standard EPS, Phenolic and Stone Wool, permitting the required U-Values to be accomplished meeting current building regulations.

The most widely itemised finish for external wall insulation, Wetherby’s silicone and acrylic renders are excellent for both refurbishment and new build projects over a wide range of sectors including residential, commercial and leisure. With high-performance attributes, the long-lasting finishes boast a flexible anticrack formulation, while UV repellent pigments allow significant surface areas to be seamlessly rendered delivering perfect colour consistency. It’s clear to see why they are such a favourite choice.

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The Wetherby Guarantee

As a pillar of our commitment to quality, many Wetherby systems are guaranteed to work to pre-determined standards and are provided with a standard ten-year materials warranty.
This signifies that the client is allowed the peace of mind that at any time throughout the period of 10 years from the certificate date, Wetherby will present where necessary, the supply of materials or costs for replacement of the system/products as a sole and direct consequence of an inherent defect in the primary system.

This warranty is only legitimate subject to:
• The prior written agreement before the start of works.
• The works having been developed to the satisfaction of Wetherby Ltd, by a qualified Wetherby approved contractor.
• All aspects of the specification and application methods having been followed.

Benefits of getting your home k-rendered


Ideal for utilising lightweight EWI systems or frames, our thin coat renders can be used at a thickness of just 1.5mm to offer a lightweight yet permanent finish.


It is necessary with EWI systems, that moisture produced within the property can transfer through the system, which is why any of our thin coat renders are vapour permeable to all the building to breathe and decrease the risk of condensation.


The flexible characteristics of our thin coat render makes them ideal for substrates expected to have improved movement such as timber or steel frame constructions.


The pigments, binders, resins, and aggregates in Wetherby Thin Coat Render finishes are profoundly UV resistant and maintain their colour and stability, securing a longlasting finish.


Our thin coat renders has been specially developed to fight the algae growth that has increased due to the climate changes over recent years. Our products contain algicides and biocides that filter out over time to help prevent unsightly growth on a home.


The addition of silicone to our thin coat renders raises the product’s repellency, significantly decreasing the dirt and environmental pollution that can adhere to the covering, while also enhancing the self-cleaning properties of the finish, which happen through rainfall on the silicone.

Other Services our clients consider when having thier home K-rendered


The bathroom is the room in the house where you can relax after a long day, so why not let us fit a bathroom you actually love. Our experience over the years is the customers know exactly what they what, but even if you don’t we have an extensive range to choose from, via our suppliers or instead, you could buy the suite yourself and have builders Alliance fit it, the choice is up to you.


We are very experienced when it comes to fitting new kitchens for our clients. As Blackburn builders, we have installed a range of different kitchens from luxury to modern and we deal with the whole process from start to finish. There are many different options to choose from, and we can even just give your kitchen a quick makeover, why not take a look at what’s on offer on our Kitchens page.

Running out of the room but don’t want to move? Then improve your home with an extension. With house prices rising every year, more and more people are turning to this option of bringing a fresh look to their home. Builders Alliance can and will help you with every step along the way.


A leak in the roof can cause some serious damage to your home if not dealt with straight away. As Lancashire builders we can help solve any problem, our roofing team can help fit a new dormer, skylight or even re-tile your roof if needed. A new roof can make a big difference to your homes initial look. Give Builders Alliance a call today to speak to one of our advisors and book an appointment




If a new look to your business is what your after or your home is due an upgrade then our Lancashire builders can help. With many successful projects under our belt, we can help create the style you want. We have created bespoke modern designs for our clients and would very much like to add yours to our portfolio. Talk to us today and see how we can help make your vision a reality.